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  • No worries if you missed the first MadeNew PopUp. E-mail me to find out how to how your own & check out some pieces here available to purchase! Deeper discounts available at today’s MadeNew PopUp. E-mail for details! Personal shopping services available….let me help you create your perfect Personal Collection! (Shipping in the U.S. only is an additional $5) If you’re looking for specific sizes, brands, styles…I’m here for you!

    Personal Collection!

    What is a Made New Pop-up? Come find out for yourself this Saturday in my home. Contact me for those details!

    A Made New Pop-up is hosted by any woman looking to bring ladies together and socialize, learn something new, and SHOP of course! There are many ideas for your personalized Pop-up, which can even tie into serving the community while having a great time…

    1. Support your favorite charity and make it a themed event.
    2. Gather your church group or moms’ group for some fellowship and insight into how you can go THRIFT and never go back (AKA 100% pre-owned personal collection minus socks and underwear).
    3. Holiday themed party & apparel.
    4. Host a wine & cheese & shopping night.

    For any of these Pop-ups, you tell me what to bring for your crowd. For example, have a Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink party. You ask your guests to make a donation to the American Cancer Society & I bring ALL PINK clothing and accessory pieces. (Yes, I’ll wait while you go plan that party NOW!) Another idea is a Purple party for Domestic Violence Awareness, and you can couple that with a clothing drive to your local shelter. Maybe your moms’ group needs ideas for an Errands Collection (living it right now) so that you don’t end up in Target in your pajamas (I know you’ve been there…you don’t have to admit it.) In the fall, plan a cookie exchange and Made New will bring the pieces to style for Christmas and New Year’s so that all of that holiday stress can come from the cookie-baking. Finally, to the type of Pop-up that will be occurring this weekend…the GNO wine & cheese to hear a little about the blog, the concept and the amazing finds that are Made New! I will also be offering the chance to earn free product when you bring a clothing donation of women’s or children’s for The Shelter for Abused Women & Children (Immokalee Shelter).

    If you live in beautiful Naples, FL like me, visit the following stores to find your basics for your personal collection. If you’re not local, search for your local non-profit thrift stores on the Internet. Before you go, call and ask when their sale days are.

    Abelle…Made New on my site!

    Search my collection, which is constantly updated, to find what you are looking for at a fraction of the cost of retail.


    Top store is the location on Pine Ridge Road for better brands and great inventory.

    Options Thrift Store

    Lots of great sales & you will find your best high end and Nordstrom brands at this location. Also, a lot of clothes, shoes, and handbags. Sometimes brand new items!

    A few others that you can visit to find some quality items, but may not be getting the cheapest price:

    St. Matthew’s House Thrift Stores

    Salvation Army Stores

    Clothes Mentor Naples



    Whether you are going for a professional look, play date chaperone look, coffee with the bestie, errands on the weekend, Tball Saturdays with the little man, church, etc. dress without stress in the following colors….




    4-off white



    7-free style choice for you: color or print

    8-rep your team t-shirt!

    For #1, 2 & 5, you will be rocking with pants, skirt or dress,and either a top,long sleeve, or sweater in each of the colors!

    Colors #3 & 4 in 2 shirt styles each -one t-shirt & one work by day/still got it by night!

    Jeans please!! Start with one awesome fitting pair & one jean jacket!

    Ready, set, go crazy with #7!

    Throw on a comfy tee, long sleeve, or sweatshirt with your alma mater or favorite team. A go to for weekends and casual wear.

    Now where do you find these classic staples? Start at your local Goodwill, but first find their next sale date, teacher discount day, veteran discount day, student discount day, or senior discount day. Decide your best sale date, find a friend to go with you, grab a coffee on your way there, get there right when they open, look through EVERYTHING (remember you are on a mission). Only place items in your cart to try on that are in pristine condition. You may even find items with original tags that were never worn. Don’t settle for less. You deserve the best and you will find it! Look for the high quality brands, like JCrew, Halogen, Worth, AnnTaylor, Eileen Fisher, Topshop, Pleione, Chicos, Rails, White House Black Market, Tory Burch, Lily Pullitzer, Milly, Talbots, Vince Camuto, Banana Republic, and more brands, like Loft, Old Navy, Gap, Express, H&M, and Olive&Stone. Only make a purchase if you find just the right, flattering fit! No matter your size, you will find what you need! Set a time limit…30 minutes (work fast), 1 hr, 2, 3…..you’ll be shocked what you find! Don’t believe me? Let Abelle…Made New show you how to thrift in the SWFL area! Contact me to help you get started on your personal collection.

    I am new to blogging, but I am not new to feeling my best when I’m looking my best. Why do I feel my best, because I have no stress related to the age-old struggle of “What should I wear?”, “I have nothing to wear,” “This is too tight,” “What goes with this?”….instead, my family and my career can be my focus. My time is not spent on mom getting ready to look great. My daughter (and son) get to have a mom who puts much focus on what really matters and very little time on the ‘getting dressed war’ that we so easily enter into to on the daily. Stop losing the battle and start winning! So how is this so easy for me, especially with my weight changing in between and after two babies and my wardrobe needs being so demanding (i.e., career wear, PTO meeting mom, workout wear, and those dreaded grocery runs)?

    The secret is in WHAT is in my closet & HOW I get it there! So….here’s how it goes…the WHAT is what looks good on you, what is high quality, what is modest (except for maybe that sexy date night top or dress), what is classic. So HOW does it become a part of my personal collection? (Oh, you didn’t know you have a personal collection? Wait, you thought you just have clothes? Oh no,  honey! Every piece should be evaluated to determine whether it makes the cut to be in your personal collection, a collection of carefully selected pieces that emphasize your style, your personality, your lifestyle, that enhance your natural beauty, that say “yes, what I’m wearing is fabulous” but “who I am is really what matters.” The suspense is killing you, I know, so let’s get back to HOW you build your personal collection? You thrift for it. Nothing was built in a day, but all things are made new. Here at Abelle…Made New, I want to help you look your best to feel your best to be your best! The ups and downs of life will roll and your wardrobe can be the least of your worries even on the worst day – whether it’s baby spit up, worry and doubt, losing a job, losing that 10 lbs. that’s closer than a sister, hating a job, hating the dinner grind, and on and on.

    So, who’s in? Used clothes….from where…..? Let Abelle…Made New do the dirty work for you! Well, the hunt is actually the super intriguing part but until you are ready to venture out to some of the best second-hand stores, let me help you and your closet become new, with some not exactly new pieces that you’ll not only love, but they will love you back too!

    Can I get an amen? …from the momma just getting by on one income or who has a beautiful heap of babies or who is paycheck to paycheck with no dinero for her own fashion or who has a fat monthly daycare bill or who has student loan debt or credit card debt or all those other debts that are out there? You’ll love my richly discounted, glam finds. Now, what about the momma who doesn’t need to thrift, well at least for this season of her life? You have the money to shop at Nordstrom for all things gorgeous? I call that “I can, but why?” Finding the latest and greatest at a fraction of the cost allows those without debt (not I said the fly) to buy that gotta-have Louis or Tiffany or book a last-minute trip to South Beach or the mountains. With that being said, I should now have the full attention of all of you ladies….whether or not you NEED to thrift…do it because you can…because you are WISE.

    More to come from Abelle…Made New. Who’s with me?


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