Dress up for freedom, laughter, and not for fashion. For you are the fashion of those clothes. Let no one tell you that nothing looks good on you, because of how big or skinny you are. Whoever will tell you such thing should be ashamed of themselves; for they are not happy with who they […]

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My goal through my online boutique, personal shopping and thrifting basics for you is to shine HIS LIGHT through empowering women, helping you save money and make wise choices with your wardrobe all while feeling your best. I want to help you let your inner beauty shine…while also helping you look totally put together too!

Whether you need assistance buying, organizing or learning to save money through thrifting, I can assist you to put balance and confidence back in your life (just like I did with mine!)

Check out MADE NEW by Lincoln Brewster….which inspired the name for my company!

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